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Free RPG Day is Today!

18 June, 2011

Free RPG DayYou can check out the Free RPG Day site for a list of participating stores.  Lots of cool stuff is up for grabs including the ‘We Be Goblins‘ adventure for Pathfinder, A Dragon Age quickstart from Green Ronin,  and much, much more.

If you are in the Athens, GA / North Georgia area you can drop by and see me at Tyche’s Games in Athens, GA.

Also, if you do take advantage of Free RPG Day, I encourage you to join the Geek Life Project and Take the $5 Pledge.


False Prophecy and Hoaxes in RPGs

17 June, 2011

This morning I encountered an article of wikipedia on Drake’s Plate of Brass, a historical hoax, and it spiralled out into thoughts of prophecy in RPGs and the idea of deliberately false or hoaxed prophecy.

What better way to cement your religions place than to have a prophecy show that a member of your faith will save the King/City/Land at some indeterminate time in the future?  Or produce a prophecy that shows that is was because of your god(s) divine favor that the current ruler, rules, and that if the faith is not exalted, she or he (or it) will lose divine favor and fall from power?  What if they forgot that these prophecies are not real?

Equally, a rival faith might plant a hoax prophecy in an attempt to discredit or waste the resources of their enemies or encourage false prophecy to try and lure donations and worshippers away.  Even in a polytheistic setting, priests like to have nice things for their temple and status.

Though a prophecy does not even have to be false to cause problems, traditionally, prophecies are open to interpretation maybe they have just been misread all these years and only one mad scholar has figured out the truth?  Or they got recorded in the wrong order and the bad thing is much closer to happening than everyone thought.

What if a prophecy is inspiring a nation to hold fast against some evil and the characters find out it is all bunk.  Do they keep going along with it and try and force the prophecy to become real?  Do they go through the motions to keep up moral?  Or do they tell the truth?

Just some ideas for turning the traditional “fated heroes” trope on its head.


Tuesday Magic Item – Blessed Soil of the Green Mother

14 June, 2011

Gathion the Brown, Druid of the Third Circle, sighed and looked to his friends.  “It seems cruel to do this to them, but it seems I have little choice.”  At the mouth of the frost rimmed cave, he knelt down, poured our a handful of earth from his belt bag and made two small piles from it.  Then he added a handful of seeds to each and spoke a prayer.

A minute later, he was harvesting barley from a stand of that grain and picking apples from a small fruit tree.  He looked sad as he brought his bounty to share with his friends.  “They will all be dead by morning,” he said quietly. ” The tree and grain gave their lives for us, I can only hope the Green Mother does not look ill upon my use of her blessing.”

Blessed Soil of the Green Mother

This soil is black and rich, moist and smells of growing things.  It is usually kept in sealed clay jars or bags of oiled leather.

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Henotheism, Kathenothism and Polytheism

14 June, 2011

The gaming journals have suddenly been discussing polytheism, Evil Machinations talks about Fantasy Pantheons: Deities are more fun when there’s more than one, over at Harbinger of Doom there is Religion in Fantasy and Fantasy Gaming (which references Why D&D Polytheism is Flawed).

But, let me define my terms (all definition from wiktionary):

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Review – Complete Advanced Feats (for Pathfinder)

13 June, 2011

You cannot have too many feats, right?  If they are all of the quality of the ones in this collection, then, yes, you can always use more.  This collection is worthwhile for the feats alone, but the advice for playing the new base classes from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide is quite useful too.

The Complete Advanced Feats is a 77-page PDF (74-pages if you remove the cover, ad and OGL page) for the Pathfinder RPG written by Sigfried Trent and published by Open Design.  This is a compilation of Open Design’s Advance Feats line for Pathfinder.

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Wandering the Web [10]

11 June, 2011

Today, we travel out on to web to share things that I found interesting and useful.

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M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Vol 2, Issue 8

8 June, 2011

Cover: (by Jack Kirby) Two bat-winged Nazi soldiers with assault rifles firing flying over a werewolf holding a book of eldritch lore (surrounded by a crackling nimbus of Kirby dots) in the ruins of a library.  Silhouettes of our heroes around the edges.  The werewolf says, “You are too late heroes, the book is ours!”

Volume 2, Issue 8 (August 1967)
Black Sun Rising

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