Tuesday Magic Item – Blessed Soil of the Green Mother

14 June, 2011

Gathion the Brown, Druid of the Third Circle, sighed and looked to his friends.  “It seems cruel to do this to them, but it seems I have little choice.”  At the mouth of the frost rimmed cave, he knelt down, poured our a handful of earth from his belt bag and made two small piles from it.  Then he added a handful of seeds to each and spoke a prayer.

A minute later, he was harvesting barley from a stand of that grain and picking apples from a small fruit tree.  He looked sad as he brought his bounty to share with his friends.  “They will all be dead by morning,” he said quietly. ” The tree and grain gave their lives for us, I can only hope the Green Mother does not look ill upon my use of her blessing.”

Blessed Soil of the Green Mother

This soil is black and rich, moist and smells of growing things.  It is usually kept in sealed clay jars or bags of oiled leather.

Any seed or seeds planted in the soil will quickly, within a minute, grow to the point where it will bear fruit, grain or other usable parts no matter where the soil was placed.  It will provide enough food for two people (or one horse) or a +5 competence bonus to an appropriate skill check (cooking, healing or so on).  The plants will then survive, or perish, as the soil and condition allows.  Each pound of the soil is good for one use.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 750; Weight 3 lbs
Requirements Brew Potion or Craft Wondrous Item, plant growth; Cost 375 (+30 xp for D&D)

Notes: Inspired by my wife’s garden and the general growth of the season.

One comment

  1. I could tell that a gardener had a hand in this, especially the part about honoring the plant’s sacrifice. We gardeners get a little whacky about our plants, thinking of them as out little green pals.

    Keep on keepin’ on.

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