Welcome June, Goodbye May

1 June, 2011

June is name from the Roman month Iunius, or Junius, is named in honor of the ancient Roman goddess Juno who is the wife of Jupiter and oversees marriage.   The first half of Iunius is a period of religious purification and was considered the most favorable time to marry by the Roman.  It will also be the second anniversary of this journal, so I may try and do something special for that.

Summer officially starts this month, so, any thoughts on a theme, reader?  Send me your suggestions and I will try to act on them.   I apologize for the minimal level of posting in May, which will likely continue, as I am involved in a variety of projects which will be revealed in due time.

May did still see the following posts on the design journal:


“The Good Book” Religious Works in RPGs.

Joining the Continent!  With a Golden Spike!

My Favorite CCG Shadowfist: Part 1 -Setting and Part 2 – Game Basics.

Organization: the Bar-Sana Guild.

Places in the Sea of Stars: The Forest of Shoes.

New Magic Items:

Dress of Assignations, for the well-dressed adventuress.

Fragments of the World Machine, a system neutral set of items/adventure seeds.

Harness of the Night, ride a giant bat to get where you need to go.

Hovering Hornet Bolts, a buzzing friend when you need more firepower.

Tactician’s Helm, outwit your enemies on the battlefield.

New Monster:

Anger Fragment, hatred beyond death.

New Spell:

Spirit Harvest, Lesser.

Campaign Reports:

Mutants & Masterminds: the LA Stars (Heroes of the 60s), Vol 2: Issue 6 – Peril of the Power People and Issue 7 – Meet the Professor.


Advanced Feats: The Cavalier’s Creed, The Inquisitor’s Edge, Secrets of the Alchemist and The Summoner’s Circle.

Genius Guide to 110 Spell Variants.


Wandering the Web [9].

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  1. Well, I was going to suggest a Religion in RPG’s type thing … But … !

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