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My Favorite CCG – SHADOWFIST, Part 2

30 May, 2011

In part 1 of my SHADOWFIST  CCG gabfest, I talked about the conceptual background of the game which is shares with the Feng Shui RPG (published by Atlas Games).  This time I am going to talk a bit about the structure of the game itself.



The path to victory in SHADOWFIST is control of Feng Shui sites (from here on FSS), these are represented by cards and they also provide your resources in the game (a very rough analog to lands in M:tG).  In a duel (two-player game) you need six sites for victory and in multi-player games, you need five.  However, you need to take that final, winning site from an opponent.

Many FSS provide additional abilities from the way they focus Chi, some defensive, some utility and a very few offensive.   Generally, the more potent the special ability, the harder the site is to defend.  So the mix of FSS in your deck are important.  Each turn your FSS generate power which is used to purchase things, unlike some games, power can be saved from turn to turn in order to play bigger and better things. Read the rest of this entry ?

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