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Tuesday Magic Item – Harness of the Night

24 May, 2011

They came in the night, riding huge nearly silent bats and struck by surprise.  They killed the watchers and stole away with treasures and valuables before anyone realized they had come.  Now everyone lives in mortal fear that they will return watching the sky at night for any sign of them.

Riding Bat

Riding Bat

Harness of the Night

These harnesses are made of night black leather with blued steel fittings chased with silver.  They make almost no noise, even when jangled.

Once a night, the owner may summon a riding bat for three hours.  The holder of the harness gains a +3 competence bonus to ride checks when mounted on the bat.  Treat the bat as a dire bat with DR 5/magic that can carry 198 pounds as a light load, 399 pounds as a medium load, and 600 pounds as a heavy load.  If the summoned bat is slain, the bat may not be summoned again for one week.

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