M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Vol 2, Issue 7

22 May, 2011

Cover: Classic line of heroes on the left, Hi-Q nearest and Bald Eagle farthest away,  against line of villains on the right, Professor near and wings far, with ‘Against the Power People’ emblazoned across it.

Volume 2, Issue 7 (July 1967)
The Professor is in!

Our HeroesBald Eagle, empowered by America to be a winged agent of justice
Hi-Q, genius who can shrink and grow by science!
The Indestructible Man, who cannot be harmed.
The Lady’s Man, super-charming club owner with a great cane.
Legionnaire, the latest attempt by the US military to build a super-soldier.
Appearing in this issue: Villains: the Power People: The Professor, Bouncer, Chiller, Girl Wonder, Shades and Wings.

Opening page: The full team, Bald Eagle in his civilian identity with a Hawaiian shirt, plus the Lady’s Man (with goldfish in his transparent platform shoes) at the L.A. Stars command center.  Hi-Q is recapping last issue’s adventure for the missing team members (and the reader).

Next a two page spread: Hi-Q researching.  Bald Eagle looking over OLIVE files.  Legionnaire tuning up the team vehicles.  I-Man mixing drinks for the team.  The Lady’s Man making calls and visiting contacts.

The team heads into Watts in a plain blue van.  Legionnaire wears coveralls to disguise his uniform and Bald Eagle is in his civilian (non-powered) identity.  Hi-Q is shrunk so the only members of the team that are obviously themselves are I-Man, in his dress suit, and the Lady’s Man.  They pull up outside of Big Nick’s Mufflers and Engine Repair which the Lady’s Man heard was the Professor’s current base of operations.  Everyone but Legionnaire head in (Hi-Q concealed in I-Man’s pocket) and are shown into the main bay, which is notably devoid of cars but the Professor, in a wheelchair, and the five Power People are there.

A futile round of negotiations follows where the Professor tries to convince the Lady’s Man to join him.  While that is going on Girl Wonder tries, and fails, to mind probe the characters and Legionnaire maneuvers the van around back of the shop thinking tactically and all.  But the negotiations end when Bald Eagle cries out, “Let Freedom Ring!” and transforms into his heroic identity.

The first thing that happens is that the Professor pulls a level and descends into the lower level of the building as the heroes and villain clash.  I-Man is knocked out through the back of the building by Shade’s blast providing Legionnaire with an easy means of entrance.  Bald Eagle focuses on taking out Wings which happens very quickly.

The combat goes our heroes way when the Professor returning in his armored and armed wheelchair.  Who cuts loose with machine gun fire and a flame thrower but is not able to turn the tables.  Hi-Q grows to her full size smashing through the upper levels of the shop and stomps on the Professor’s wheelchair.  With most of the Power People down, the Professor actives his rocket ejection seat and blasts to safety despite Hi-Q’s attempt to catch him.

The police arrive to take the Power People into custody and the issue ends with our heroes wondering if a normal jail can hold them.

Notes: The rest of the Power People (i.e. versions of the original X-Men) appear this issue mostly to end up in jail at the end.

It was a mostly combat game, which suits my players it seems.  Of course J has recently started a night shift job, so he is not at his mental best.

Snag Issue 8.

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