New Magic Items – Fragments of the World Machine

17 May, 2011


“Where did you find that piece of clockwork?”

“Among my grandfather’s things, he was a great explorer, he must have brought it back from somewhere.”

“It looks ancient.”

“Must be I guess.”

Fragment of the World Machine

These pieces of ancient machinery, improbably complex and made for esoteric purposes can be found scattered in the most inaccessible and unlikely places: mountain tops, deep pools of water, among the arctic ice, and so on.  Collectors have tried to find a pattern, to predict when the fragments may be found, but if anyone has found it, they are not sharing the secret.

The pieces range in size from a pack of cigarettes to as large as a loaf of bread.  They are composed of teethed gears and other mechanical movements made of bronze mixed with a trace of some other metal that makes them nearly unbreakable but they are often bent or deformed by time and pressure.  Rarely, two fragments will be able to be combined into a larger working unit.

Collectors speculate that if you gathered enough of the fragments, your could rebuild the machine the fragments came from.

Single fragments manipulate the world in small ways when properly used, such as:

  •     Opening or closing locks.
  •     Repairing broken wood.
  •     Gold plating copper.
  •     Tuning musical instalments.
  •     Deboning fish.

Two combined, do more powerful changes:

  •     Copy writing or images from one surface to another of the same material.
  •     Instantly preserving meat.
  •     Breaking alloyed metal into its component metals.

And who knows what combining more that two could do?

Notes: Inspired by the Antikythera mechanism and The Lost Room.

Photo by Marsyas from Wikipedia and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic license.


  1. Cool. The antikythera mechanism is always good inspiration. Even the name is good inspiration. 🙂

  2. This is awesome. I love this! Reminds me a little of 1e AD&D artifacts. “The Machine of Lum the Mad.” Heh.

    We should get back to the Wyvern game at some point.

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