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New Magic Item – Pact Shield

13 May, 2011

The knights and men-at-arms of Novitery gather yearly at their lord’s church.  Those that have done exceptionally well are rewarded with a shield of the Defender of the Realm and all reaffirm their vows to defend the lands from those that would harm them and its people.

The Defenders of Realm, naturally, lead the defence of Novitery against all threats.  The shield of those of die in heroic action against the enemies of the state (and that is quite a few of them) have their shield handed down to the next generation to inspire their bravery in the face of danger.

Pact Shield

These sturdy shields are made, as much as is possible, from materials from the land they are to defend.  The completed shields are decorated with the symbols of the land they are built for and blessed by the religious authorities of the same.

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