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Tuesday Magic Item – Tactician’s Helm

10 May, 2011

Tactical Pawn

The Mercenary-Tacticians of Yolm work in units of four, selling their services at advisers and trainers but never as combatants.   They can pot out a campaign in minute detail in a minimum of time.  On occasion, these highly skilled specialists have been found working on both sides of a conflict, performing professionally for both sides.

Those who deal directly with the Mercenary-Tacticians often find them cold and unwelcoming but undeniably efficient.

 Tactician’s Helm

These helms are made of the finest steel, reinforced and lined with silk padding.  Traditionally, they are engraved with a chessboard on the interior and some mark of rank on the exterior.  The helm provides adequate protection but not at the expense of vision or hearing.

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