M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Vol 2, Issue 6

5 May, 2011

Cover: Four people in long leather coats and beret, one of them a woman, standing over the unconscious forms of our heroes.  “Your time has passed, heroes, now is the time of the Power People!” announces one of them.  In a circle in the lower right corner in a picture of the Lady’s Man and in bright yellow cursive around it “Introducing the Lady’s Man.”

Volume 2, Issue 6 (June 1967)
The Peril of the Power People!

Our Heroes: Hi-Q, size-shifting super scientific genius.
The Indestructible Man, who is immune to all physical harm.
The Lady’s Man, super-charming club owner.
Legionnaire, cyborg super-soldier built by the US Army (cameo only).
Bald Eagle, winged embodiment of American patriotism (cameo only).

Appearing in this issue: Villains: the Power People: Shades, Bouncer, Chiller and Girl Wonder.  Their leader, the Professor, is mentioned by not seen.

Supporting Cast: Hugh Hefner, owner of the Playboy empire.
Rufus, the Lady Man’s assistant.
Colonel Able White, US Army (cameo).

Opening page: A postcard from Bald Eagle in Hawaii “Beautiful beaches.  Back on Tuesday.”  Legionnaire is being taken away by Col. White for an improvement to his equipment.

Next page: Hi-Q and I-Man are in Hugh Hefner’s office.  He let them know that Playboy magazine recently did a profile on the Lady’s Man and his club, the Black Cat Club, in Watts.  The Lady’s Man is attempting to support and rebuild the local community but he is being pressured by the Black Mob and Hefner would like the LA Stars to help.

Arriving in Watts at the Black Cat Club, Hi-Q and I-Man make their way in.  It is early before the club really opens.  A band is practicing on stage.  A man approaches them and starts asking them questions, but he speaks using such deep colloquialisms (i.e., he speaks “jive”) that the characters can barely understand him but manage to convey that they are here to see the Lady’s Man (from here on LM).

Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp

They are shown up to the Lady’s Man’s office, which overlooks the club and is filled with lava lamps, black velvet painting and other items symptomatic of sixties kitsch.  LM is a stylishly-dressed African-American gentleman with crazy platform shoes containing lava lamps.  I-Man and Hi-Q explain they were sent by Hefner to help and the LM offers to show them around Watts and hopefully get into a conversation with the head of the local Black Mob, the Professor.

Rufus, who is LM’s driver and assistant, brings around LM’s limo and they head out into Watts.  Cut to panels of LM talking to people on the street, in a barbershop and so on.  LM just seems to be getting somewhere when the front of the limo disintegrates.  The heroes pile out, Hi-Q hiding in I-Man’s pocket, to confront the Power People, all dressed in long leather coats with black berets.

Shades, the leader of the team, tells them that the Professor does not want them causing trouble and that the Power People are here to teach them not to.  Chiller takes his ice form, Bouncer leaps forward and Girl Wonder and Shades stay back as the battle is joined.

I-Man in blasted back by Shade’s darkblast into the limo right after Hi-Q leaps from his pocket to grow to 60′ tall.  Bouncer bounds into action trying to pummel Hi-Q.  LM turns his charm on Girl Wonder.  Chiller tries to use his ice powers but is almost entire ineffective except for pinning Rufus under a pile of snow.

The fight swings back and forth with Shade’s dark blasts and Bouncer’s fists wearing the heroes down a bit.  When Girl Wonder finally enters the fight, she mentally zaps I-Man causing him more pain than he has felt is years causing him to really, really try to take her down.  The battle ends after I-Man is blasted six blocks down the street (and into the back of a white painted carpet deliver van -last seen in Vol 2, Issue 2) and Girl Wonder is knocked out, ending the Power People’s mental link, they two teams break away setting up . . . next issue!

World Notes: The Black Mob is the African-American criminal syndicate that seemed to populate the comics of the 1960s and 70s.  It is mostly mythical but fit well into the comic mythology of crime syndicates everywhere for the heroes to fight against.



Notes:    T could not make it, he was preparing for his thesis defense, and H was helping his cousins whose house suffered in the bad weather so we were down both Bald Eagle and Legionnaire this game.  Z joined the game this issue with the Lady’s Man, a very social skills oriented character but with some combat abilities.

Rufus looks rather like George Carlin did in the 1970s.

Yes, the Power People are entirely a pastiche of the original X-Men.

And first two-parter!

Lava Lamp photo from by Caleb Marcus from wikipedia and is Public Domain.   Carlin photo by Kevin Armstrong from wikpedia and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Buy the exciting conclusion in Issue 7.


  1. Sounds like a fun campaign. It’s not every game that can boast Hugh Hefner as a character!

    • I try not to overuse Hefner as a character in game. But as the base is under the Playboy Mansion – West it does come up most issues and he has to guest star now and then.

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