M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars – Vol 2 Number 5 “The Terror of Zxyxz”

16 April, 2011

The Terror of Zxyxz!

     Cover: A crackling man-shaped being of electricity clutching I-Man around the throat in a room filled with computers as the other heroes look on.  “This world now below to Zxyxz!” he pronounces.   Volume 2, Issue 5 (May, 1967)

Our Heroes: Hi-Q, size-shifting scientific genius.
The Indestructible Man, who is immune to physical harm.
Legionnaire, cyborg super-soldier built by the US Army.
Bald Eagle, winged embodiment of American patriotism (cameo only).
Appearing in this issue: Villains: Zxyxz, electrical terror from outer space.
Supporting Cast: Capt. Arthur Smith, USAF, seconded to NASA.

Opening page: A satellite bearing the American glag is struck by a bolt of Kirby dot infused electricity.  Caption: From the depths of space, a alien being composed of electrical impulses and radio energy at last escapes from his exile . . . and all Earth will tremble.

    Next page: LA Stars HQ, the Bald Eagle in civilian identity is wearing a Hawaiian shirt “I am off to Honolulu, see you in a week, pristine beaches beckon.”  No sooner is he gone than the blue ‘government phone’ rings.  It is NASA, they are having problem at their Catalina tracking station and want the help of the LA Stars.  The team piles into the StarCopter and fly out to Catalina.

Arriving at the tracking station, they are met by Capt. Arthur Smith, USAF, currently assigned to assist NASA.  He explains that the main antenna was struck by lighting out of a clear sky and the systems have been messed up ever since.  The satellite that they were tracking had also been damaged but they do not know the cause.

Legionnaire takes Hi-Q up to the antenna using his new rocket pack.  Investigating the tower, it does look like it was struck by lightning, but the bolt followed the most direct route into the building.  Capt. Smith shows them inside, Legionnaire and I-Man watch the NASA women while Hi-Q investigates the computers.  Something in wrong with some of the transistor sets causing the system to function slowly and erratically but neither the NASA team, nor Hi-Q, can figure out why even after investigating the transistor sets.



Capt Smith takes them to the automat on base to eat and ponder.  Everything was going well until the lights suddenly flickered and the various mechanical devices began shaking.  “An earthquake?” asked one of the NASA personnel.  Then the Coca Cola soda bottle dispenser flew open and launched a volley of bottles like missiles at our heroes.  Hi-Q and Legionnaire shrugged off the attack, while bottles just crashed around I-Man.  Then the entire automat went crazy, the dish and silverware dispensers becoming weapons, food being thrown and chaos ensued.  Our heroes got the NASA staff to safety suffering a variety of attacks, including a pie slice to the face of I-Man.

Once our heroes had gotten everyone to safety, the villain behind it all manifested as an eight foot tall man-shaped being composed of crackling yellow electricity with blazing orange eyes.  “I am Zxyxz the Conqueror!  This place will be the first step on my dominance of your tiny planet!”  He then blasted I-Man back into, and partly through, the Automat wall.  There is some posturing and then Legionnaire manages to trigger the sprinkler system and Zxyxz retreats through the wires.

I-Man run off to the StarCopter to retrieve his insulated suit, which looks just like his normal suit except with a Vulcanized label on the inside.  Warning klaxons sound as the station’s generators start to overheat as Zxyxz tries to draw out as much power from them as he can.  Legionnaire blew the door to the power plant open with his kinetic cannon and I-Man ran in and threw himself and a wrench into the generator to jam it.  Hi-Q grew to large size and the battle was joined.

I-Man finally managed to shut off the generator by finding its emergency shutoff.  Legionnaire cycled through his weapons, hoping to find one that would be extra effective against a being of radio-electric force, finally falling back on a chemical fire extinguisher.  Hi-Q got mobbed by a ‘wolf pack’ of the electric gold carts used to get around the base, and controlled by Zxyxz’ powers, she went all King Kong and smashed them all.

Finally Zxyxz had enough, he was not being able to draw the energy he needed from the shutdown generator so he leapt into the electrical lines and tried to flee.  Hi-Q ripped the transmission lines containing him down and plunged them into an ornamental pool which they then froze by use of liquid nitrogen.  The trapped alien was carted off by an unnamed government agency and our heroes returned to their base triumphant.

World Notes: You have to have the occasional crazy alien monster seeking to take over the world in the 1960s, right?  It plays to so many of the Marvel monster titles and the 1950s space invasion/monster movie tropes.

While there is no NASA station on Catalina in reality, but there is on Earth-H, and it gave the artist an excuse to draw the StarCopter and Catalina.

Notes: This game was a bit of a homage to the Marvel monster comics, a bit in honor of the first maned orbiting of the planet (Go Gagarin!) and quite a bit of silliness.

T could not make it, thus no Bald Eagle, as his fiancee was just back in town after being gone several days on a family emergency.

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