Disciplina’s Bracelet – New Magic Item / A to Z Blogging Challenge [D]

5 April, 2011

The soldier of the legion on the frontier often turned to the worship of Disciplina to fortify their resolve.  Following the goddess’ example, her followers came to exemplify frugalitas (frugality), severitas (sternness) and fidelis (faithfulness).

Their commanders encouraged such cults and the bracelets showing devotion were a common gift to those soldiers who served well and loyally.  Strength through discipline.

Disciplina’s Bracelet

These bracelets are made of iron and are decorated with the words: frugalitas (frugality), severitas (sternness) and fidelis (faithfulness).  The bracelet has a comforting weight and it is easy to keep clean as long as one tends to it regularly.

While wearing Disciplina’s Bracelet, the wearer becomes frugal, stern and faithful gaining a +2 enhancement bonus to Combat Maneuver Defense and to stay awake and alert and a +2 resistance bonus to Will saves and to resist spending money.

Aura faint abjuration; CL 5th
Slot arms; Price 2,000; Weight
Requirements Craft Wondrous Items, bear’s endurance, owl’s wisdom, resistance, creator must be a follower of Disciplina; Cost 1,000 (+40 xp for D&D)

Notes: The Romans sure had a talent for creating gods as anthropomophizing concepts.

These items are inexpensive enough to be fairly common among veteran and elite units while still being useful.

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