M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars Vol 2, Issue 4

1 April, 2011

Volume 2, Issue 4 (Apr, 1967)
Leaping Leprechauns!

Cover: The cover has our heroes (less Bald Eagle but including Aqua-Warrior) standing outside the front door of a crazy Ditko-esque fantasy castle and out heroes saying “We have to go there?”
Our Heroes: Bald Eagle, winged  embodiment of American patriotism (cameo only).
Hi-Q, brilliant size-shifting genius.
The Indestructible Man, who cannot be harmed.
Legionnaire, Vietnam survivor and cyborg super-soldier.
Guest Staring: Aqua-Warrior, warrior-prince of Atlantis.
Doctor Occult, master of the mystic arts (NPC).
Appearing in this issue: Villains: Blarney Stone, Fenian, Wild Irish Rose.
Supporting Cast: Padraig the Leprechaun.

Opening page: A stone circle in Ireland, three silhouettes, one female, two male.  The female says, “Are you sure this is wise.”  The smaller male replies, “Those weapons will give us the edge against the British.”

Next pages shows them vanishing through a rainbow-filled gateway.  Cut to: LA Stars base where they are showing Aqua-Warrior, prince of Atlantis around.  “This is most impressive,” he says, “the surface world is full of many wonders.”

“Wait until you see the grotto above,” says I-Man, sloshing his martini around.

Suddenly a shimmering gateway appears and a booming voice says, “Heroes, you are needed.”

Woodland road or Fairy trail?photo © 2007 Richard | more info (via: Wylio)One by one they cross through the gate, Bald Eagle last and he finds himself tossed out and back into the base by some mysterious force.

On the other side of the gate everything is Ditko-esque, waiting there for out heroes is Doctor Occult and a leprechaun.  Doctor Occult explains that a group of Irish radicals have crossed over into faerie and intend to steal a cache of magic weapons from a Sidhe Lord’s Castle to use for nefarious ends.  Padraig, the leprechaun confirmed this and provided the heroes with a key to get them back home once they have defeated the villains.  He then shows them which path to use through the forest to get to the Castle as quickly as possible and warns them to stay on it.

With the expected Wizard of Oz references, the heroes set out on their journey.  The forest is filled with thing watching them from the shadows.  Soon enough they come upon a massive stone bridge over an even more massive chasm.  There a troll, complete with collection of skulls and a massive club, demands a toll to cross.  I-Man offers a quarter which the troll bite and thrown away as worthless (it was minted in 1966 and therefore had no silver in it), luckily Aqua-Warrior has two Spanish doubloons on his necklace and uses them to buy passage.
Moving into the hills, they come to an open area, marked with pyramids of skulls, at the center of which is a sphinx (bare breasts strategically hidden by scenery or characters).  Who, as is traditional, asks riddles of the heroes which Hi-Q manages to easily solve.

Next they move into heavy forest with the trees warning them to “turn back”, “go no further” and suchlike.  One of which had been blown apart by some sort of explosives.  Ahead they hear gunfire and explosions, Hi-Q grows giant size but cannot see the source of the noise by can see the Castle on a hill ahead.

They hurry forward into a clearing that show the sign of a recent battle, knightly bronze armor and weapons are scattered about with bullet holes in some, explosive damage to others and some just badly dented.  Our heroes paused briefly to look for clues and then pressed on.  Soon arriving at the base of the hill, upon which the castle awaited.  Aqua-Warrior climbed on ahead while the rest followed the path.  An explosion echoed down soon after they started causing them to pick up the pace.

Arriving, they found the castle gates had been blown open.  Inside is an absurdly lavish entrance hall, all light and crystal.  Already there are the villains:

  • Blarney Stone, super strong, super tough and super smooth.
  • The Fenian, master of explosives.
  • Wild Irish Rose, acrobatic Irish-American with a thorn whip.

Battle is joined.  Rose dodges attacks like mad and uses her whip to great effect, mostly on Legionnaire.  Hi-Q’s great size is balanced by Blarney Stone’s great strength.  Aqua-Warrior matches Atlantian weapons against modern explosive.  I-Man helps where he can (including jumping on a grenade a one point).  The heroes, who do outnumber the villains, slowly gain the upper hand with Aqua-Warrior getting the finishing blows on two of them.

As they finish off the supervillains, the set of double doors in the back of the entrance hall fly open and a Sidhe Lord, resplendent in absurd fantasy armor and accompanied by an army of servants, strides in and demands to know what is going on.

The heroes explain and are offered food and drink, which they wisely refuse, and manage to talk their way out of confronting the Lord as well.  They produce the key and are allowed to leave but the villain must stay behind . . .

Stepping through the door back into their base.  A confused Bald Eagle asks “What happened?  You just left.”  Ah, the strange way time flows in faerie.

World Notes: These Irish radical supervillains are a bit ahead of the curve that will see the resurgent Provisional Irish Republican Army cause such havoc in Northern Ireland and England.  And, do not worry, they will show up again some day.

Doctor Occult is a former PC from the old Heroes Inc game.  He is often called in when information on the supernatural is needed.

Notes: This game was played on St. Patrick’s Day, so how could I resist throwing a leprechaun and faerie into it?

T could not make it, being required by his fiancee for something wedding related, so Bald Eagle’s American Magic prevented him from entering faerie.

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