New Magic Item – A Gentleman’s Anti-footpad and Anti-rain Device

28 March, 2011

From an Advertising Broadsheet in Old Landarium Town-

Gentlemen, do you fear for you lives and property when venturing off the main streets?  Do you seek a way to protect yourselves and your fine clothes from the vagaries of both weather and and ruffians?  If so, than look no farther!

Doctor Cadlulian’s Patented Rain Shield and Portable Armory

umbrella traditional tattoo flashphoto © 2008 oliver | more info (via: Wylio)Is the device you have been seeking.  Combining protection from the rain with a temporary shield from more bodily harm and a concealed blade with which to drive away any threat you your health and purse.  Available from all fine gentleman’s stores.  Ask for it by name!

A Gentleman’s Anti-footpad and Anti-rain Device

These solidly constructed umbrellas often have handles of horn or ivory.  The cloth of the umbrella is usually black but some nobles have been known to have the panels done in their house colors.

It serves as a perfectly good and hard wearing umbrella, indeed it is nearly impossible to destroy through standard use.  But it serves as both sword and shield when needed:

•    The umbrella section may be used to provide a +4 shield bonus and DR 2/magic against ranged weapons for five minutes a day, this requires the use of a hand to ‘wield’ the shield.
•    Hidden inside the shaft, is a slender but extremely sharp blade, for a minute a day after it is first drawn it functions as a +1 keen rapier, after that it is treated simply as a masterwork rapier.

The cloth of the umbrella is repaired after each use as a shield.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 4,700; Weight 4 lbs
Requirements Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, keen edge, magic weapon, mending, protection from arrows, shield; Cost 2,250 + 200 for specialized masterwork sword cane (+180 xp for D&D)

Notes: Just an idea came to me as I was walking to work through the rain to work this morning.


  1. Cool. The dig the presentation, particularly.

    • I imagine they will be on sale in The City as soon as Doctor Cadlulian finds a distributer. *wink*

  2. Indeed!

  3. Excellent!
    This is the perfect gentleman’s accoutrement!

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