M&M Campaign Report – LA Stars, Vol 2, Issue 3

6 March, 2011

Volume 2, Issue 3 (Apr, 1967)
Communist Plots!

Cover: The cover is split diagonally: On the top is the Red Bandit, huge pistol in one hand, a torn US flag in the other, with an open back vault in the background.  On the bottom is a red bordered shadow falling across the Centurion’s armor.  “Communist Plots!” is written in red across the bottom.
Our Heroes: Bald Eagle, embodiment of American patriotism and agent of OLIVE.
Hi-Q, size-shifting scientific genius.
The Indestructible Man, who is indestructible.
Legionnaire, cyborg super-soldier created as part of a secret US Army project. (Cameo only.)
Appearing in this issue: Villains: The Red Bandit and his Banditos, the Red Shade.
Supporting Cast: Colonel Able White, US Army (cameo).

Opening page: A map of Los Angeles, set on it is a heavy revolver and a crowbar.  The location of the Playboy Mansion West is circled as is a location downtown.  “Is everything in place?” ask a voice.  “Si.  My banditos are ready.” and “My tools are packed.” are the replies.
The opening splash page is a cutaway view of the LA Stars base, showing all four levels.  The first floor is the common area with the monitoring station, kitchen, dining room, a library and such.  Second level is living quarters.  Third floor is labs and training area (including a swimming pool).  While the fourth floor is the atomic power plant that powers the base (and the mansion above and part of Hollywood).

LA Downtown, 1967

LA Downtown, 1967

Next page: Legionnaire is being taken off for routine maintenance by Colonel Able White.  “Do not worry.  He will be back in a few days.”  No sooner have they left than the emergency alert goes off.  It is the LAPD, “The Red Bandit and his thugs have seized the main branch of Bank of America downtown.  We need your help.”

They head out, Hi-Q is quite sure she can fly the helicopter, so she and I-Man take that while Bald Eagle wings alongside.  They land and send I-Man in first.  The Red Bandit, a large man in classic Mexican bandito costume, complete with crossed ammunition belts, a massive sombrero and a handlebar mustache, is there with eight pistol-armed thugs.  I-Man politely asks the Red Bandit to surrender.  The Bandit launching into a Marxist diatribe about the injustices of North American Capitalism in reply.  Bald Eagle can take it no longer and flies in, a giant sized Hi-Q right behind.

The bandits rain fire upon our heroes.  I-Man sheds lead like water off a duck’s back.  A lucky shot hits Hi-Q in the head, dazing her.  Bald Eagle discovers that Red Bandit wears a bullet proof vest under his poncho and then gets hit repeatedly by his Rapid Fire Automag.  Eagle smashes back into an eagle painted on the bank’s wall.

Eagle flies into a righteous rage and flies back to the attack.  Hi-Q finds it difficult to maneuver and keeps taking hits.  I-Man absorbs what fire he can but he cannot be everywhere.  Things look bleak for our heroes but they rally and overcome the banditos.  Finally it is just our heroes and the Red Bandit.  “America cannot be defeated!” shouts Bald Eagle.

“The plan has already succeeded!” replied the Red Bandit.  This rattles Bald Eagle who misses just before being Hi-Q knocks the Red Bandit unconscious and into the open vault.  Just then, all of the team’s radio went off with the Base Security Compromised message.

Leaving the clean up to the LAPD and needing to make the fastest possible time back to the base, Hi-Q shrinks down and Bald Eagle grabs I-Man and flies at his top speed.  Arriving at the base, they find that the electronic lock on main elevator has been opened.  Heading down, they find the door to the second floor also open.

They head down to investigate, making their way down the corridor.  I-Man notices an extra red tinged shadow among there own, he shoots where a person casting the shadow would be standing.  But there is nothing to hit and the shadow ‘runs’ for the elevator.  Bald Eagle tries to grab the shadow, only to have it slip away.  Hi-Q shouts that it is the Red Shade, a Soviet agent, and runs to the secondary base controls in Centurion’s room.

Bald Eagle strikes at the Shade and thinks he may have caused some damage and gets shot with a net gun for his trouble.  I-Man attempts to trip the Shade, misses and slides into the open elevator shaft crashing to the bottom.  Hi-Q activates the ABC attack protocols and the base attempts to seal itself.  The Red Shade makes it into the shaft before the door closes but Bald Eagle does not.  Hi-Q and Eagle argue about if he should go after the Shade.  While I-Man shoots at the Shade and makes his way up the ladder as the Soviet tries to pry open the electrified door at the top.

After some heated words, Hi-Q lets Bald Eagle into the elevator.  Eagle flies up, knocking I-Man off the ladder and swings his Olive Branch at Red Shade who melts back to let the blow strike his pry bar, opening the door just enough for Shade to slip away . . .
Hi-Q realizes that some of Centurion’s armor is missing and Bald Eagle swears vengeance on the Red Shade.

World Notes: Centurion was the leader of the first incarnation of the LA Stars, a powered armor hero.

Communist supers are a continuing threat to the American way of life but they are usually defeated and occasionally even Defect to the right side of the battle for freedom.

Notes: H could not make it, being sick, so Legionnaire was out of the comic.

This game saw the PCs on the wrong side of the D20 for the early part of the battle, almost losing both Eagle and Hi-Q to bad damage saves in the first couple of rounds.

Photo by Kent Kanosuse used under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic.

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