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New Magic Item – Moncril’s Sword

4 March, 2011

Moncril was many things, warrior, bandit, mercenary, commander and a hero to his people.  He played off two great Empires against each other trying to win his people’s freedom only to end up provoking them both to such a point that they joined forces to crush him and his fledgling nation.

His sword survived his cruel death at the hands of his enemies and it continue to inspire oppressed people to fight for their survival and liberation.

Moncril’s Sword

This sword is an oversized long sword, as Moncril’s was a giant of a man, with a worn grip of black leather over wood stained dark from use and blood.  The blade is unornamented and obviously hard worn with nicks and scars along its length.  For all that, it remains a strong and well balanced weapon.

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