New Magic Item – Whisper Wine

19 February, 2011

It is an irony not lost on the Quiet Order of the White Hills that their wines are sought after by thieves, scouts and others with nefarious purposes in mind.  Some say that their very best customers are people carrying on illicit love affairs, which the Quiet Order oddly does not seem to object to, though for what reason it is unknown.

Whisper Wine

This white wine is a crafted by an order of silent monks and aged in casks of white oak among the quiet cellars of the order. The bottle it is stored in is usually brown glass and sealed with white wax marked with the symbol of the order.

Each glass of whisper wine gives the drinker a +4 insight bonus to Stealth checks for six hours but during that time the imbiber cannot speak in a voice above a whisper (and is incapable of casting a spell requiring verbal components).  A spell caster may take a swift action and expend a spell slot to end this effect.  An standard bottle contains enough wine for four glasses.

Aura faint transmutation; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 350 (full bottle); Weight 1.5 lbs (full bottle)
Requirements Brew Potion, cat’s grace, silence or silent image, maker must have 4 or more ranks of Profession (vintner); Cost 175 (+14 xp for D&D) for a full bottle

Notes: Just an odd and useful potion-like item with an odd side effect.



  1. You certainly have some of the coolest and most unique magic items, I will certainly be borrowing them for my upcoming games!

    • Please do! And feel free to let us know how they worked in your game.

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