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New Magic Item – Codex of Sublime Understanding

4 February, 2011

Old book (1882)photo © 2009 Maarten Van Damme | more info (via: Wylio)
“One book,” the old man said, walking through the ruins of the grand temple, “one book brought down the church.   It was found by a young priest, Aeli, who had been sent off to gain funds for the faith by aiding a group of venturers.  It was a common practice.”

He ran his hand along a shattered bench.  “Aeli came back from one of their missions, with the book.  He had changed, he became a man of fiery passion and belief.  His companions were already converted to Aeli’s vision of the faith.  The younger members of the faithful soon started turning to him for guidance.  The lines were already starting to be drawn.”

The old man sat down on a broken pillar, he gestured to a shattered statue and the scattered remnants of an altar.  “The final confrontation took place here.  Aeli and his followers confronted the old guard . . . and it all came tumbling down.”  He began to weep.

Codex of Sublime Understanding

This large book is heavily bound in metal reinforced leather or canvass but seems filled with so much gibberish.  Until it is handled by a person of true faith, at which point it reveals the symbol of their faith hidden in the metal work and the text resolves itself into the holy writings of the faith.

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