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Tuesday Magic Item – Tyrant’s Sword

25 January, 2011

Atherak ‘the Bloody’, King by right of conquest of all of lands of the west, ruled by strength and fear.  Atherak was never afraid of bloodying his sword, Throat-Opener, to personally send a message to those who thought to oppose him.

Atherak met his end at the hands of the Four Heroes of Eagleholm, who gave their lives to kill the tyrant.  Throat-Opener was not found and since then it has appeared in the hands of one petty ruler after another, none who have been able to use it to restore Atherak’s kingdom.

Tyrant’s Sword

These swords are always made of dark metal, only the edge is bright and razor sharp.  The hilt is plain or ornate as befits the tyrant for which it was made.  Their sheaths are always made in such a way to enhance the sound of drawing fourth the blade.

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