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New Monster – Tasked Servitor: Traveling Companion

21 January, 2011

The Arch-Wizard and Master Conjurer Vablake arrived mounted on a beautifully sleek winged mare, its coat as black as a starless night.  As soon as the conjurer dismounted, the winged mare shimmered and shrunk, becoming a black hair young woman in a simple gray gown who followed Vablake meekly, carrying his satchel.  I had never seen its like that before and I followed, hoping to learn more about this magic . . . . and the strange shape-changing woman.

Tasked Servitor: Traveling Companion

These summoned servants are unique among the tasked servitors in possessing two distinct forms: one humanoid, the other that of a winged mount (usually a horse but occasionally more exotic forms are chosen).

Their humanoid form is almost inevitably attractive and graceful while the mount is always swift and determined in travel.

Tasked Servitor: Traveling Companion CR 4 (1,200 XP)
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