New Magic Item – Rings of the Wolf Pack

15 January, 2011

The Seven Sisters of An’Hellan, or the Silver Bitches as they were sometimes called, were considered the best bodyguards of An’Hellan in a time marked by bloody disorder and almost daily assassinations.  They never lost a client until their last stand, when it took an entire troop of mercenary swordsmen to cut their way through all seven of the sisters to kill Prince Mystan, last of his line.  Their rings vanished but occasional surface in twos and threes among fighters and killers in An’Hellan.  It is said that someone is trying to gather them all and create a new Seven Sisters.

Rings of the Wolf Pack

These heavy rings are made of silver and each is set with a wolf’s tooth.  The rings are always made in groups, usually of three to five, and each set of rings uses teeth taken from the same wolf.  The inside of the ring is usually engraved with the name of the original owner.

The rings have no particular power alone, but when two allies wear the rings, they gain a +1 moral bonus to attack rolls and saves against mind-affecting effects as long as they are within 120′ of each other and they have a general sense of where the other wearers of the rings and their status (healthy, wounded or dying) if they are within 250′.  If one of the wearers of the ring is killed while within sight of another, the survivors gain a +2 moral bonus to attack rolls and saves and temporary hit points equal to the level of the slain ring wearer until the end of the combat.

The most potent power of the ring is the ability to switch position with any other ring wearer who is both within sight and within 120′ once a day as a swift action.  If either, or both, are in combat when they switch places, they gain a +2 dodge bonus to armor class until the end of the round the switch took place.

Aura strong enchantment and transmutation (teleportation); CL 15th
Slot ring; Price 20,000; Weight
Requirements Forge Ring, detect thoughts, dimension door, heroism, creator must know the quicken spell metamagic feat; Cost 10,000 (+800 xp for D&D)

Notes: A difficult item to price, they provide potent but very constrained abilities.  Obviously, they would be of great use to a party of venturers.


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