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New Magic Item – Horseshoes of the White Eagle Cavalry

10 January, 2011

The Eastern Horde of the Windswept Steppes had thought its left flank secured by the fact that they had burned the bridges over the river Vek and the early ice was not yet strong enough to support the crossing of troops.  Somehow the White Eagle Cavalry had found a way across and in a daring assault they killed the Hetman of the Eastern Horde and threw the invaders into confusion before retreating back the way they had come.  The Horde was unable to follow as they could not find where the White Eagles had been able to cross the Vek.

Horseshoes of the White Eagle Cavalry

These horseshoes are made of polished steel and carved with runes.  The nails used to attach them to the horses hooves must have been quenched in water gathered from melted snow.

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