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Tuesday Magic Item – Banner of Command

4 January, 2011

The battle swirled around the command post of Duke Effran and his Knights of the Red Banner.  By use of the Red Banner, Duke Effran coordinated his outnumbered men to hold the line and defend the ford and bridge at Noram.   As dusk fell, the defenses finally fell to the overwhelming numbers of the Army of the King of Silver.  Duke Effran and his household rallied around the Red Banner and fought to the last man, his twelve-year old squire was the last to fall, using the pikeshaft of the Red Banner as a weapon.

Banner of Command

These banners are use to signal and rally troops, they range from the simple and functional to the ornate and richly decorated.  But in all cases the banner pole is solidly built and capable of being used as a weapon in extremis.

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