New Magic Item – Spirit Compass

30 December, 2010

The Seeker’s face glowed in the pale blue light from his compass. “This way,” he hissed, leading us through the alleys.  “There!” he pointed.  Ahead of us was the sorcerer we were looking for, he seemed very surprised to see us.

Spirit Compass

These devices are made of silver and etched pale blue glass and are always cool if not cold to the touch.  The silver of these devices tarnish quickly and it much be constantly polished to be kept clean.

The Spirit Compass contains a fragment of a spirit that has been forcibly attuned to a certain type of magical energy, either a school or descriptor, by holding the compass it will point to the nearest source of that sort of magical energy within 60′.  Brought within 5′ of the source of magical energy and with a successful spellcraft check (DC 18), the compass user can tell the strength of the aura.

Aura faint necrourgy; CL 3th
Slot none; Price 500; Weight
Requirements Create Wondrous Items, detect magic; Cost 250 (+20 xp for D&D)

Notes: A simple focused item, usable by all but more useful in the hands of a specialist.

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