Pathfinder Campaign Report – Wyvern Hunt II “Ill-met in Asku-Korla”

26 December, 2010

Ill-met is Asku-Korla

The next morning our brave Imperial Wyvern Reclamation Party set out, with a freshly oiled wyvern harness among other gear, and an escort of the Lions of Twilight (the Bronze Lion’s personal guard comprised of former mercenaries) for the first leg of the journey.  Almost as soon as they left the palace they encountered Bertram Zirconia, great dwarven hunter, and his visse servant Neville, who -as a great hunter- wanted to get in on the wyvern hunting and decided to attach himself to Tae Boe’s party.  After a brief discussion, it was decided that a hunter of his skills would be a useful addition, they headed off into the hinterlands.

Bertram Zirconia

Bertram Zirconia, Great Dwarven Hunter

The travel is uneventful, at the end of the second day, the Lions of Twilight established a camp at the base of the foothill where they will wait for a week before returning to Asku-Korla.  That night, something is spotted flying high against the stars.  Bertram loads up his arbalest with a magical flare (a sunrod suspended from a parachute) to reveal the flyer.  Which is shown to be a square flying platform, someone on the platform lets loose a blast of fire incinerating the parachute and casing the flare to plummet to the ground.  The officer with them explains that these flying platforms have been seen off and on and seem to belong to a ‘third force’ unaligned with either Asku-Korla or Burns Brightly.  Neville staggers back in just before morning with the flare.

The next morning, our brave hunting party left behind their escort and advanced up into the hills.  Guided by a one-eyed scout who is just warning them about the dangers when he is caught by a giant scorpion and brutally killed.  Between wild martial arts, charger driven lances, sonic spells and a darned big arbalest, the scorpion is slain.  Bertram collects what venom he can from the creatures tail.  A bit warier of danger, they continue up into the (hopefully) wyvern infested wilds.

There is some disagreement about how best to approach the problem of finding and then capturing a wyvern.  Tae Boe expects that his personality and bloodline will force the wyvern to submit to him.  The others are not so sure (to put it politely).  Bertram plans an ambush using a goat and bait to get it close enough to hit barbed bolt attached to a cable to bring the wyvern down where upon Tae Boe can overwhelm it with his personality.  Lorrend and Lieu scout around, only to be attacked by a young wyvern, which they lure back into the prepared ambush by running very fast.  However, Bertram’s harpoon bolt fails to find purchase and the wyvern wings away.

After some recriminations about the failure of the plan, Tae Boe stalks off in pursuit, followed by Lieu.  Lieu manages to keep Tae Boe from doing anything rash while the others discuss and adjust the ambush sight for the best results.  Tae Boe returns in better spirits and sends his poet to fetch water for a bath.  The session ends with the poet screaming for help as he is carried off in the talons of a wyvern.

Notes:  The session was filled with lots of verbal banter, our friend T dropped in and was playing Bertram for the session, which was great fun.  So, while the story advanced, it was slow but fun.

Art by T of his character.

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