Pathfinder ‘Wyvern Hunt’ Cast

20 December, 2010

The cast of my current short pathfinder game, originally titled ‘Wyvern Hunt’ and now Embassy to the Barbarians:

The ‘leader’ of the expedition, is a young sorcerer-prince Touched by Golden Scales Zhuang Tae Boe, hereditary Commander Third Horn of The Emperor’s Own Red Cloud Wyvern Riders of the Jade Pillar Dynasty and now Light of Civilization, Benevolence to Barbarians – His Most Excellent Imperial Ambassador, Grand Nephew of Heaven and High Admiral of the Second Exploratory Fleet.  He is a wastrel and rake but incredibly charming and -potentially- a powerful sorcerer.  (4th level Dragon-blooded Sorcerer, played by B, a long time roleplayer but his first time with Pathfinder.)

The guardian, the former knight Lorrend Littlehelm of Eosiant, recently a weaponsmith and arms trainer in the Zhuang House, and given the choice of escorting Tae Boe or being executed.  He resignedly chooses to accompany the young prince.  Breaking his armor out of storage and accompanied by his faithful warhorse Tulip, he carefully prepared and faced his new mission philosophically.  (4th level Cavalier of the Shield, played by J1,  also a long time roleplayer but new to Pathfinder.)

The scholar, Sagacious Lieu, knowledgeable about many things, including -hopefully- wyverns.  His attempts to teach Tae Boe have mostly failed due to the willfulness of his student but hopefully this time will be different.  Sadly, Lieu ends up as wyvern food at the conclusion of the wyvern hunt. (1st level Inquisitor / 1st level Monk, played by J2, who has had some experience with Pathfinder before.)
The entourage of personal servants to Zhuang Tae Boe is:
A Chef.
His favorite Poet.
His Valet.
Four (originally three) Concubines.
Four Porters.

And this brave party, but their own choice (the players pretty much constructed the basis of the plot), are seeking to capture a wyvern, or wyvern eggs, to restore the Red Cloud Wyvern Riders.  For until they can do so, Tae Boe will not be allowed back into the Dynasty’s lands.

Guest starring in Episode II is Bertram Zirconia, great dwarven hunter, a minor noble with a love of hunting exotic game.  He is a master of the arbalest with a wide variety of specialist bolts and other useful gear for a hunting.  He is accompanied by his faithful servant, Neville.  (1st level fighter / 1st level ranger, played by T.)

Joining for Embassy to the Barbarians is:

Ivan Krak-Snapper, ex-strangler and forcibly recruited guide, master of rope (“you can never have too much rope”) and trying to work out an angle to profit or escape from Tae Boe.  (1st level rogue / 3rd level fighter ‘half-orc’, played by J2 as his replacement for  Sagacious Lieu.)

And joining in part 2:

Seeker, an explorer of the world set fourth to seek and find lost things, for an by whom has yet to be determined.  A swashbuckling living construct.  (3rd level rogue Ironborn as J3 really likes that race, this player being the same as J playing Defender in the Pattern Seekers game.)



  1. Sounds like an interesting bunch. Certainly not the typical party.

    • My Wednesday group is many things, but typical is not one of them.

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