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New Monster – Spiritfire Skeleton [template]

17 December, 2010

Stepping out from the ruined building was a skeleton draped in ill-fitting mail and wreathed with blue-green fire, flames of which licked down the sabre it carried in its left hand.  “I am been commanded to kill all who try to pass this way, leave now before I must carry out my orders,” it said is a voice like that of a furnace speaking, yet somehow, it carried a note of sadness.


Spiritfire Skeletons are the animated bones of the dead, bound with a fragment of the creatures spirit, so they burn with an unending and unholy fire.  Spiritfire skeletons retain a glimmer of their past lives, and the skills they had learned in them, making them exceedingly dangerous.  Unlike some undead, a spiritfire skeleton is not mindless, though its intellect is limited, they possess a low cunning and talent for mayhem.  Universally, they hate their condition and seek both their own destruction and that of others, a strong hand is required to keep them in line.

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