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Through the Lens of History XVII: “By Jove!” Roman Religion and Superstition

13 December, 2010

Through the Lens of History: Using History for Better Gaming
Vision XVII: By Jove! Roman Religion and Superstition

The thief who stole this, may you consume his blood and take it away, Lord Neptune.”
– Inscription on a Roman curse

The Roman World of the Republic and Empire was rife with gods, cults, rituals and superstitions. Few events were so unimportant that they did not need the blessing of the gods and the approval of the heavens. Seeking divine approval for actions taken – and yet to be taken – was an important part of Roman civic and personal life.

Equally, the Romans believed magic and spirits were everywhere and that everyday life was rife with tasks to avoid ill fortune and bad luck. This vision looks at how to incorporate these thoughts into play.

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