New Magic Item – Oath Blade

8 December, 2010

All knew the story of the former Sir Alycks of Jineve who had betrayed his Oath to guard the King’s sons for the promise of power from the Usurper.  His Oath Blade, the symbol of his honor shattered and fell apart, as, later, did the man himself.   It is said that Alycks Oath-Breaker abandoned his name and title and sought to redeem himself by guarding the helpless.  It is rumored that he died holding the pass at Ackly from the Blood Raiders last fall.

Oath Blade

These daggers come in all forms from plain functional weapons to bejewelled and nearly ornamental display pieces, what they all share is a motto of some sort engraved on the blade.  Usually it is something along the lines of “My Word is My Honor” or similar sentiments.

Oath Blade

Oath Blade

Most Oath Blades are simply masterwork daggers, their magic lies in a another direction.  The owner of the Oath Blade may take the blade and perform a ritual (which may be a short as a minute or as long as a day) to commit themself to a particular task.  As long as they are actively and directly working toward achieving that goal, the bearer of the blade and the oath gains a +1 moral bonus to attack rolls, skill checks and saves.  Only one oath may be active at a time and the previous oath must have been completed before a new one can be sworn.

If the owner of the Oath Blade breaks their oath, the blade shatters and the former owner is branded as an oath breaker, anyone who see them will know this (atonement or remove curse will end this effect).

Aura moderate divination; CL 5th
Slot none; Price 5,301; Weight 1 lb
Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, bestow curse, discern lie, prayer; Cost 2,500 +301 for the dagger (+200 xp for D&D)

Note: The Oath Blade can be enchanted as a weapon as normal but most are not. For a version usable with D&D5 go here.

Image from WikiMedia.


  1. Another excellent item. Weapons should be more than just tools for killing.

  2. Agreed – I like when you create magic items that immediately imply a larger story. A PC could risk using the blade to swear an oath. Or PCs could meet an NPC branded as an oathbreaker who is asking for the curse to be removed. Etc.

    • Items that lead into adventure are always more fun than one’s that just give you bonuses. To me in any case.

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