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New Magic Item – Oath Blade

8 December, 2010

All knew the story of the former Sir Alycks of Jineve who had betrayed his Oath to guard the King’s sons for the promise of power from the Usurper.  His Oath Blade, the symbol of his honor shattered and fell apart, as, later, did the man himself.   It is said that Alycks Oath-Breaker abandoned his name and title and sought to redeem himself by guarding the helpless.  It is rumored that he died holding the pass at Ackly from the Blood Raiders last fall.

Oath Blade

These daggers come in all forms from plain functional weapons to bejewelled and nearly ornamental display pieces, what they all share is a motto of some sort engraved on the blade.  Usually it is something along the lines of “My Word is My Honor” or similar sentiments.

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