Wandering the Web [7]

6 December, 2010

My interests take my to various odd corners of the web, here are some interesting sites I have encountered that I thought might be of interest:

Schloss Drachenburg (“Dragon Mountain Castle”) in Germany is being restored, it has a fascinating history and could serve as a useful location in a variety of types of games.

The aftermath of the Great War in France filmed from the air in 1919.  Showing the amazing amount of damage inflicted by the Great War even on the terrain itself.

A lost trove of art denounced by the Nazi as degenerate found in Berlin.   An interesting discovery though we may never know who saved the art.

The artificial forts built to protect England during World War II, some of those stationed on them in succumbed to ‘fort madness’.  Would make a great place for a horror scenario.

See the beauty of the no longer used NYC City Hall subway station, built in 1904 and closed in 1945.

A very Victorian through World War 2 collection this time around.  Hope you find them interesting and useful.

One comment

  1. I used those artificial sea forts as a time machine in a supers scenario set in 1944. They are amazing structures, sadly decaying and won’t be around for too much longer I expect.

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