New Magic Item – Toy Soldier (Ceramic)

3 December, 2010

For some reason, the bandits thought that the prince would be left unprotected.  But he did seem to be alone on the hill, playing with his toy soldiers.  They surround him and he shouted the word taught to him be his father and then for help.  By the time the royal guards arrived, the bandits had been dispatched and the toy soldiers were covered in blood.

Toy Soldier (Ceramic)

This is a highly detailed ceramic figure of a soldier armed with a spear and two javelins that stands about as tall as an outstretched hand.

By speaking the command word (a free action) the figure grows into a human-size ceramic soldier and moves to defend the person who activated it unless given other orders by the one who activated it.  The soldier can be used for up five rounds each day.  Any damage the warrior suffers while activated remains unless it is repaired magically.

The ceramic soldier has two javelins and if used they must be replaced with functional ‘toy’ javelins while the soldier is its non-activated toy form.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 7th
Slot none; Price As the type of Ceramic Soldier it is; Weight 1 lb
Requirements Craft Construct, Create Wondrous Item, all spells needed for the type of Ceramic Soldier it becomes plus enlarge person and reduce person or shield other; Cost As the type of Ceramic Soldier used.

Notes: I actually had the idea for this magic item first but I needed to create the create the animate that it turned into before I could finish it off.


  1. I`m thinking of an adventure dealing with the descovery of a box full of these ˜toys˜ 🙂

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