L5R – JYTB Campaign Report 23

27 November, 2010

Bringing Law and Order to Samuzora

Once arrived to join her husband, Toku Sakurako is a whirlwind of activity quickly setting the inn -as de facto magistrates’ residence- into proper order.  With the assistance of the Lions, it is turned into a fortified base of operations.  While that is being done, the magistrates and their assistants begin implementing a rough survey of the town and begins to impose Imperial taxes on the businesses in town.  To some surprise the various businesses, even those controlled by the Seventy-Seven K, accept the taxes with good grace.  This leads to the building of a tax vault in the basement for the safe stockpiling of Imperial gold.

The plan to turn the Tetsujin into servants of the magistrates is foiled by the fact that the ronin and others of the Tetsujin band have dispersed, some into the service of the Seventy-Seven K, more joining the Gatherers but most of them just vanishing including their leader.

The magistrates are asked to investigate a suspicious death, an entire family of farmers (man, woman, child) were found dead.  The bodies lacked blood but there were no cuts on the bodies, just a strange burn on the chest.  The investigation fails to turn up any useful information about the killer, beyond its obvious supernatural cause.  The townspeople are frightened and nervous and Toku Kobo’s attempt to calm them fails, they do not believe the “It was a mountain lion” line* at all.  Luckily Ichiro the Monk and the Kitsune are able to offer advice (place rice outside your doors and windows) and protective charms to sooth the nerves of the town.

The week continues on, with no further bloodless corpses, when one of the independent miners came tearing in demanding help.  The claim he and his mates had been working on had been attacked, they had just dug up a good score and now bandits attacked them.  He asked for justice.

The miner lead the magistrates and assistants up into the hills, where they found the mine and the five bodies of the other miners.  With some tracking and the aid of the kami, they learned that there were six attackers and one was wounded.  They ended up following the bandits all the way back to Samuzora.  They searched through the various sake houses and drug dens, to find the bandits.

Then, confrontation, the arrest was never going to go easy.  Five of the bandits were at one table and when it was demanded that they surrender.  They attacked.  Of course they were totally outclassed and brutally slaughtered but not before one of them flattened the Hida’s nose across his face with his tonfa, a blow that would have crippled a lesser man.  It just drove the Crab into a rage and he tore off the bandits leg(!) with a blow from his tetsubo(!!).  The Hida ranted and raged threatening vengeance against all.  The last of the bandits was turned over to the magistrates, an arrow from the Soshi pinned his foot to the floor when he was pointed out by the crowd.  The gold was recovered, weighed, taxed and returned to the miner.  The remaining bandit was crucified and the heads of the others placed on display as a warning to others.

And so begins the restoration of order to Samuzora . . . they hope.

Notes: We were down a Lion and a Unicorn for this session but up a monk.

*This is a reference to the card in the old Doomtown CCG which takes place in the Deadlands setting.

To Report 24.

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