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Seattle Scream – Issue 28 (Shadowrun prop)

19 November, 2010

So, last Saturday I ran a pickup/demo game of Shadowrun at Tyche’s Games.  I try to do up the current issue of the Seattle Scream to act as a prop, giving information as to what is going on and give clues to the adventure I am planning to run.  This time it was Issue 28 which people are welcome to borrow if it will be helpful to your game.

The game was short and almost disastrous for the team, though they managed to get out without getting caught.  However, they only got their first payment for the job, being too hot for the ‘client’ to contact them again.   Then I had something entirely new happen, the party turned on itself over matters of money and ended up killing one of their own team!  Oh those wacky shadowrunners.

Read about issue 29.

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