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Chimeric Monster Subtype

8 November, 2010

Chimera of Arezzo, Etruscan bronze statue Chimeric [Subtype]

A chimeric being is a hybrid creature made from blending together aspects of other creatures.  Some are created by sorcerous experiments, other emerge spontaneously from unknown sources.

•    Final Form– For whatever reason, the chimeric being’s form is the end and final result of many changes and it has no wish to change again, it gains a +4 racial bonus to resist any attempt to further change or weaken its form (including but not limited to polymorph).
•    Hybrid Health– A chimeric creature is full of surprising vigor, gaining a +2 racial bonus to resist disease and poisons and heals at twice the rate of a normal creature.
•    Obsession with a Food– Each chimeric creature has a particular food that it desires above all others.  A chimeric being will go out of its way to obtain such.  A trainer who has access to such food may gain a +2 bonus on their Animal Handling checks when training a captive chimeric beast.

Notes: Since I am having fun playing with chimeric monsters, I thought that they needed their own subtype.  Obviously this would be applicable to chimera, hippogriff, owlbear and such monsters.

Chimeric creatures created for this design journal include: Cobra-Cat, MothLion, StagWolf and Sting Squirrel.

I have redone theChimeric subtype for D&D 5E here.

Photo Etruscan bronze statue depicting the legendary monster. It was originally part of a group with Bellerophon and Pegasus. On the right leg is engraved the dedicatory inscription to Tinia, held by the National Archaeologic Museum, Florence, found on Wikimedia Commons, taken by Sailko and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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