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New Magic Item – Assassin’s Friend

1 November, 2010

Somehow, the killer of the king’s mistress had managed to get into the guarded private apartments -even though all who are allowed in the palace are checked for weapons- killing two guards before they could call out and the mistress herself though she was awake and should have had time to scream after she was shot but before her throat was cut.  Searches have not been able to find the killer but are continuing.

Assassin’s Friend

This dull gray hand crossbow is of a simple and efficient style, there is nothing extra or wasted in its design.  What is not immediately obvious is that it can be broken down into three parts: bow, body and grip.  Two bolts can be stored inside the body but they cannot be accessed once the crossbow is assembled.  It is surprisingly easy to hide when it is disassembled.

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