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Jeweled Birds – Plot Seeds (Eggs?)

23 October, 2010

There are four types of jeweled bird, one aligned to each element: Diamond Eagle with air, Emerald Owl with earth, Ruby Hawk with fire and the Sapphire Falcon with water.  The origin of the jeweled birds is unknown but it is rumored that they escaped from the garden of one of the gods in ages past.

Their eggs are highly sought after, even the infertile ones are valuable gems useful in many magical operations.  Fertile eggs and chicks are worth even more.

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New Monster – Ruby Hawk

22 October, 2010

There is a flash of fire and the rabbit lay on its side, burned and dead.  Swooping down to snatch the charred corpse was a hawk of flashing red.  In a flash it has seized its prey and taken wing.

Ruby hawk                                                CR 6 (2,400 XP)
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Tuesday Magic Item – Physician’s Kit (and variant Heal skill rules)

19 October, 2010

The physician from the College of the Body arrived, a black case carried by his assistant.  Setting down to work, he opened the bag producing an ever changing array of tools, medicines and bandages.  Soon the wounds were tended, the physician collected he fee and left.  To this day, I am unsure how he managed to pack so many bandages in such a small case.

Physician’s Case

These sturdy bags are heavily made, often with an internal frame of wood or metal, and fold out to allow easy access to what they contain which is a wide collection of medical tools, bandages, medicines and other useful items for the medical trade.

Physician's Case

Physician's Case

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New Monster – Emerald Owl

18 October, 2010

A first it seemed just a patch of shadows, but then it launched itself into flight.  An owl of the darkest green.  Its eyes flash like gems and seems to know exactly what you are thinking.

Emerald Owl                                                CR 6 (2,400 XP)
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New L5R Monster – Hakkakukei

17 October, 2010


These feared creatures from the heart of the Shadowlands appear as a floating eight-sided obsidian pillar with an oversized helmet of black steel and obsidian fused to the top.  A single glowing red eye stare out from the depths of the helmet.

The Hakkakukei spit black fire from the depths of jigoku as their primary attack, this fire is colder than ice and can damage the very spirit of those struck by it.  It can lash out with shards of obsidian against those who get too close. Read the rest of this entry ?


New Monster – Octagon

16 October, 2010

The eight-sided obsidian pillar wrenched itself free of the ground and began drifting forward, slowly spinning.  Fused to the top of the pillar was a wide helmet of dark metal and obsidian, from inside glared a faintly glowing red eye.  Somehow, its hatred was palpable and it quickly began casting bolts of black fire at us.

Octagon                                               CR 8 (4,800 XP)
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Through the Lens of History 15 – Latrones – Bandits in the Roman Republic and Empire

15 October, 2010

Through the Lens of History: Using History for Better Gaming
Vision XV: “Latrones
Bandits in the Roman Republic and Empire

Looking back to the Roman Empire we usually imagine it to be an orderly and efficient place, untroubled by minor lawlessness. This was not entirely the case, though in central and northern Italy it came close. Bandits and banditry were a continual problem throughout the expansion of Rome to the collapse of the Empire.
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