New L5R Monster – Hakkakukei

17 October, 2010


These feared creatures from the heart of the Shadowlands appear as a floating eight-sided obsidian pillar with an oversized helmet of black steel and obsidian fused to the top.  A single glowing red eye stare out from the depths of the helmet.

The Hakkakukei spit black fire from the depths of jigoku as their primary attack, this fire is colder than ice and can damage the very spirit of those struck by it.  It can lash out with shards of obsidian against those who get too close.

What is not known, except to He who shall not be Named, is that the Hakkakukei are but shells animated by the seething hatred of once human things that live inside them; these warped souls have been corrupted and twisted into horrible little creatures by the evil of jigoku and now wish nothing more than conquest and destruction in the name of their lord and master.

The Empire can be thankful, as whatever the source of these creatures seems to have vanished and the Hakkakukei are very rare.  Though whatever allowed them to be constructed in the first place may occur again and if that happens, the Empire will again be afraid of the Hakkakukei and their war cry of “Tayasu!”

AIR: 2            EARTH: 3         FIRE: 3                 WATER: 2
Reflexes 3     Willpower 4    Intelligence 4    Perception 3
Initiative: 6k3                                                 Attack: Slash 5k3 (Simple), Black Fire 7k3 (Simple)
Damage: 7k1 (slash), 3k2 (black fire)    Armor TN: 25
Reduction: 15                                                  Wounds: 50: Dead

Taint Rank: 6
Skills: Battle (mass battle) 3, Investigate (spot ambush) 3, Spellcraft 3
Special Abilities:
∙    Black Fire, this cold fire ignores armor TN from physical armor and all reduction, anyone wounded by the black fire must make a Void roll (TN 10) or lose a point of Void.  If they have no Void left to lose, they are rendered unconscious for 5 minutes.
∙    Death Feeder, heals [insight rank of victim]k1 wounds when it kills an enemy.
∙    Dense, treat them as having an Earth or Water of 5 to resist any attempt to move them against their will.
∙    Fear 4.
∙    Fly, they fly at up to 30 feet above any surface.
∙    Invulnerability.
∙    Magic Resistance [2], +6 to TN of any elemental spells targeting the Hakkakukei.
∙    Shell, the obsidian pillar is but a transport for the small horribly corrupted, once human thing inside.  Once the Hakkakukei shell is destroyed, it may destroy the thing inside as well but if it survives, it will flee or attack if it has no chance of escape.  Treat the twisted abomination as a goblin with a bite for 3k1 that causes 1 point of taint.

Notes: This is the L5R (4th ed) version of the Octagon (and yes, hakkakukei is Japanese for octagon, not being clever here at all).

One of these worked quite well as the commander of the evil forces in this scenario.

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