Secrets of Taren Kost – Interlude 2

3 October, 2010

After a slight delay (just under a year) we finally returned to the Secrets of Taren Kost, in our last interlude wherein the characters were invited to go hawking with the Baron Rivale Dammeron.  (Here are the characters involved.)

Interlude 2: Lost Hawks, Bones and Ghosts

Having outfitted themselves for the hawking expedition, with the aid of their families, our heroes (and heroine) venture out beyond the city to one of House Dammeron’s hunting estates which happens to lie among the outlying farms of Taren Kost.  They begin with a fine breakfast among the luxury provided by House Dammeron, the luxury is disguised as military camping gear but is all of the finest materials, and there is even a strong quartet to provide pleasant music.  Around noon, they finally head out to do some hawking.

Everything is going swimmingly until Connall’s hawk, Franklin, dives into a stand of trees and there is a terrible cry followed by a shattering sound.   The hawk does not reemerge.  Connall heads into the trees to investigate, stopping when he finds a shard of rib embedded in a tree.  Once the others catch up, Kael uses detect magic and sees sources of magic in the trees forming a circle around something magical on the ground.   They managed to detonate one of the other things in the tree sending bone shards and teeth all over (embedding a tooth in Kael’s hawking gauntlet).

Kael then uses mage hand to clear away the area around the magic thing on the ground revealing three skulls facing out.  From the skulls emerged three horrific apparitions (Fear Fragments) that unnerved Elyse and Kael.  They proved to be quite nasty but were dispatched mostly by Connall’s channeling of the Sun’s healing light with some aide from the Baron (though Elyse managed to damage one by triggering one of the other tree traps).

After they patched themselves up, they moved to find what the skulls were guarding.  Underneath was a large tar covered box filled with spears, war axes and even a pair of halberds all packed in straw.  The weapons were packed up and they all headed back into town, discussing what this implied.  Kael suspected that the High Kingdom of Laccini was involved, what with their enmity towards Taren Kost and devotion to necrourgic magic.

And on to the next chapter.

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