Template – Aspect of Autumn

1 October, 2010

I could tell there was something different in the old traveler, while he was ancient, age had not bowed him.  He watched the knights go by as if it were an everyday thing.  Seemingly unconcerned by the rumors of war.  Once they had ridden out of sight, he quietly returned to gathering herbs.

Aspect of Autumn [Template]

Those granted the touch of Autumn appear solid if a bit worn, they are sturdy and persistent.  Sometimes the chosen of autumn acquire a golden or ash tinge to their skin or hair and their eye color is always a pure but dark tone.

Creating an Aspect of Autumn

“Aspect of Autumn” is an inherited template that can be added to any living creature native to the Otherworldly Court of Autumn.  It is also an acquired template that is added to any creature that is granted it by the Court of Autumn.  An aspect of autumn retains all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

Challenge Rating: Same as the base creature +1.

Type: If the base creature is not of the fey type, it also gains the feyblood subtype (see Feyblood Subtype).

Alignment: The members of the Court of Autumn are conservative by nature, always planning for the future, but they often change their minds about how to go about such without warning.  They are not prone to cruelty, at least not by the standard of the fey, but they are also outside the normal bounds of mortal morality.

: An aspect of autumn gains low-light vision.

Special Qualities and Defense:

Blessed by Autumn (Ex): The aspect embodies the preserving and gleaning nature of autumn, they gain +4 to saves against diseases and poison.  During the autumn season, they heal their level/HD in hit points per hour (otherwise as fast healing), the rest of the year they heal their level/HD in hit points per day in addition to other natural healing.

Otherworldly Resilience (Ex): The aspect is not fully of this world nor fully mortal and thus difficult to would by normal means, they have DR 3/magic and non-wooden.  An aspect of autumn may use their Charisma bonus rather than their Wisdom bonus, if higher, when making Will saves against illusions, mind-effecting and necrourgic spells.

Spell-Like Abilities: Caster level equals the creature’s level/HD, any DC is Charisma based.

Thrice a day – purify food and drink, resistance, stabilize, virtue.

Once a day – death watch, endure elements, magic fang (self only), pass without trace (half duration in spring and summer).

Abilities: Con +2, Chr +2

Skills: An aspect of autumn has a +2 racial bonus on Survival skill checks and a +2 racial bonus to Stealth check to blend in among the autumn colors.

New Subtype
Feyblood: This creature is considered both a fey creature and a creature of its normal type for the purpose of spells, abilities, and effects that affect those types. If its type renders it immune to an effect that would normal affect a fey creature, it remains immune unless the effect specifically targets creatures of the fey type. In addition, the creature may use magic items with racially specific qualities as though it were of the fey type. (From the Pathfinder SRD entry for Unseelie.)

Notes: Another piece of the Court of Seasons.  Though it seems that I completely forgot to do an Aspect of Summer over that season.   You can compare to the Aspect of Spring and Aspect of Winter if you wish, they have much in common.


  1. Cool. Do you plan on having aspects for all four seasons?

    • Indeed I do. Looks like Winter will be next but not until winter sets in.

  2. Will you please do one for summer? I’d love to use all 4 in a campaign.

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