New Spell – Lightning Whip

27 September, 2010

“I am Solomon, master of the arcane,” the wizard said, his red robes dark in the dim light, rings glinting from his fingers.  “Leave now and you need not be harmed.”  With a gesture and a word that could not be understood, a coiling and flicker whip made of twisting bolts of lightning appeared in his hand.

He cracked the whip, sending sparks flickering.  “What is your choice?”

Lightning Whip

Whip of Lightning

Whip of Lightning

School evocation [electricity]; Level Sor/Wiz 2
Components V, S, M (a copper coin)
Casting Time 1 standard action
Range special
Target see below
Duration 1 minute + 2 rounds per level or until discharged
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance yes

This spell creates a whip made of braided arcs of electricity that can be used to strike nearby foes.  The whip can only be used by the spell caster and dissipates if given away or dropped.

The whip lasts for its duration on until it has made one successful attack plus one per three levels of the caster (maximum seven).  The whip can strike any target within 15′ of the caster as a touch attack -gaining a +3 bonus on attack rolls if the opponent is wearing carrying a metal weapon, wearing metal armor or is made of metal- causing 2d6 points of electrical damage plus one per three levels of the caster (maximum +6).

In the hands of someone who has proficiency with the whip, they gain a +1 enhancement bonus to their attack rolls and they can use it to disarm or trip as a standard whip with the added effect that it causes half the spell’s normal damage (rounded down) as well on a successful maneuver.

While the whip is active, the caster cannot use stealth and the flickering and crackling give away his location.  The caster can cast other spells while the whip is active but must devote one hand to holding it.

Notes: Like Snowflake Squall this spell is filling in the missing elemental attack spells for mid-levels.


  1. I also like that the spells deal the elemental damage in different ways, not just tiny fireball –> fireball –> big fireball, etc.

    Also can’t help but think of Whiplash from Iron Man 2.

    • I am aiming to make each spell interesting, both mechanically and visually, because that is just fun.

      I had not thought of that, but it is a good visual (and now included).

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