Stepping Back into 2nd Ed AD&D

23 September, 2010

Our usual Wens night crew was down a player, so we decided to play a pick up game of AD&D (2nd edition-ish).  Since we only had two players, we each made a hero (with 5,000 xp) and a sidekick (1st level).

My characters were:

Saladorian the Magnificat and his assistant, Pedro (aka Percieval Sugarfoot)

Saladorian (Elf, Fighter/Magic User 1/1) is a mountebank and raconteur, a performer of minor magics and singers of songs.  Indeed, he is an all around family entertainer, if it was not for his predilection to sleep with anything in a skirt he would be welcome everywhere.  He long ago pawned his family sword and now carries a paste bejewelled rapier which he is more flashy than competent with.

Pedro aka Percival Sugarfoot (Halfling, Thief 4), had no wish to be a hero or adventurer, but when he was asked to be a voluntary assistant to Saladorian at Uncle Randolf’s birthday party, he foolishly agreed.  When Saladorian was caught in flagrante delicto with Aunt Daisy, Percival was chased out as well.  Now, as manager, cook and general dogsbody, ‘Pedro’ has learned how to acquire loose items, pad resumes, avoid debt and, as a last resort, fight for his very life.  In his heart, he just wants to go home and settle down, but realizes he will need a big pile of cash to do so.

The other two characters were Pfisser Walsh (Human, MU3) and Drunk Thom Danders (Human, Cleric 1) played by JW.

JM was our DM and we were playing through a variant of the Eye of the Serpent module.  We managed to work our way part down the mountain, fighting various monsters.  using a sleep spell to catch fish for dinner and defeating a mephit guarding a Remorhaz egg which promptly hatched. For which JM wrote this piece of Doggerel:

Eeny meeny miny mail
Grab a remorhaz by the tail
If he bites you make him wail
Eeny meeny miny mail

We may, or may not, play again but it was a lot of fun even as crazy as AD&D is. I had entirely forgotten the crazy sub-systems and quirks of AD&D. JW had never played AD&D before and seemed bemused by the whole thing.


  1. I loved that module. I think we played in 1987 or so. I remember the encounters you wrote of, too. When we played, a remhoraz bit off a hand belonging to a hireling. Good times…

    • I remember having fun DMing the adventure 15-odd years ago but, apart from the opening set piece, I really do not member any of it so it is quite enjoyable to play through.

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