L5R JYTB Campaign Report 19

20 September, 2010

From the Capital to the Wall Above the Ocean

Our heroes return (from the Crab, Monkey and Scorpion lands) to the Capitol, where the magistrate Doji Akira awaits them, his yoriki.  They spend the first night catching up, and meet the new Kitsune, before being called before Doji Akira.  There they are informed that they will be escorting Seppun Keikyoku, Seppun priest and scholar to Shinden Asahina and wherever else he needs to go.  They have a few days of their own in the capitol.

During this time the Kitsune meets with the priest Kitsu Masumune, who is a ally of the Fox as well and a skilled observer of the social scene.

Toku Kobo meets with Toku Mino, one of the few courtier of the Monkey, who is just back from the Otomo Winter Court.  They discuss matters at home.  Kobo then spends time in the law library and briefly visits the dojo of sensei Tourou Odai.

While Soshi Utami was invited to a luncheon with her daimyo, Soshi Kurohime, where they discuss many things including that Seppun Keikyoku may become an important man in his family and the Scorpion wish him to be friendly towards them.  Utami is instructed to insure that friendship.

The Capital is abuzz with discussion on the new kabuki play, ‘the Black Lion’, and what it may mean.  Doji Akira is able to get them in on the day before their leave along with the Seppun, his yojimbo (Seppun Ishikabe) and the monk, Ichiro.  The subtext of the play is a fairly detailed critique of the role of the Lion Clan, only the Monkey and the Scorpion pick up on it, however the critique is slanted in such a way that the viewer is likely to find their own views reinforced.  The author is hidden behind a pseudonym but Utami suspects a Scorpion hand behind the play.

Then they are off for a long and uneventful journey down the coast to Shinden Asahina.  Seppun Keikyoku throws himself into exploring the temples and doing research, accompanied by his yojimbo and Soshi Utami while the rest of the team find themselves lulled to near sleep by the overwhelming peacefulness of the Asahina lands.

Luckily, they are soon on their way to Yasuki Yashiki for further research.  Hida Yo and Ichiro promptly go and find a nice sake house and get into a relaxing brawl.  Toku Kobo drastically overpays for a mystical monkey mempo.  While the Seppun continues his researches and meet with the head of the local Kuni.  Utami begins to suspect that the Seppun is part of a secret society but is unable to pin down which one.

Soon. There are on their way into the Wall Above the Ocean Mountain, which was a scene of a set of major battles against the Dark in the early age of the Empire.  The Seppun leads them into a box canyon.  Once there, he produces an ancient scroll and recites a complex prayer and the end of the canyon is revealed as a temple carved into the living rock.  Above the arch is a star of jade, symbol of an ancient order dedicated to fighting the Dark.

Elsewhere in the mountains, ancient shadows begin to stir.

Notes: This session was primary a bridging session to get us to the ancient temple.

Darkness Gathers (about Report 20).

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