New Spell – Guilder’s Oath

6 September, 2010

The windows of the goldsmith’s hall were covered with cloth of gold and guards with halberds stood outside all of the doors.  Only the faint light of scores of candles could be seen through the cracks and the low chants could be heard from inside where the new masters were taking the oaths that would bind them to the guild.

Guilder’s Oath

School enchantment (compulsion) [language-dependent, mind-affecting]; Level Sor/Wiz 5, Guild 4
Components V, S, M (an guild item made by the subject)
Casting Time 1 hour
Range touch
Target one person
Duration permanent
Saving Throw None; Spell Resistance Yes (harmless)

Guilds are intensely concerned in keeping their secrets, secret, guilder’s oath is intended to insure that.  Guild oaths are usually administered when a journeyman graduates to master within a guild but before they are taught any of the secret techniques of the guild.  The Oath must be entered into willingly otherwise the spell will not work, however the caster, and all observing, will know that it was refused.

While under a guild oath, the character is incapable of being forced to reveal guild secrets to anyone who is not part of the guild; he will find himself unable to speak them aloud, write them down or communicate them in any fashion.  Even under torture, the character will not be able to reveal the secrets of a guild.  However, a character may still be tricked into revealing them.

Notes: An update to Pathfinder of my earlier spell that showed up in AEG’s Guilds book.  Guilds were an important part of European society for many centuries and protecting their secrets was vital to their continued existence.  Similar groups in a magical world would certainly use magic to help keep those secrets from prying eyes.


  1. I really liked AEG Guilds.

    I still refer to it.

    Thanks for the updated spell.

    • Glad that you enjoyed Guilds and the new version of the spell, expect to see more soon.

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