Conscience of the Eight – Remorseless Killer and Hunter of Sen’tek

30 August, 2010

Conscience of the Eight, Remorseless Killer and Hunter of Sen’tek

Quote: Some would feel regret on leaving you to lie in a pool of your own blood, I may, but only because I have stood too close and bloodied my boots.
Tell me of your conscience, what would it have you not do?

Description: Conscience is an elven woman, slender and pale with snow white hair and silver eyes, her hair is worn in a long braid decorated with clear crystal beads woven into it.  She is athletic and quick, a warrior to the core.  While it is usually not immediately visible, her body from the breasts down is tattooed in extremely fine lettering with admonishments to conscience.

Conscience wears blue-gray elfin mail over quilted silk with soft boots.  She has a variety of cloaks in divergent colors and cuts which she wears as the mood strikes her.  She usually abstains from decoration apart from a single blue crystal ring worn on the index finger of her left hand.  Her weapons are a pair of matched crystal bladed straight swords and a short composite bow made of griffon bone and sinew.

Background: Conscience, like all elves born since the Sundering, lacked something; nothing so glaring as a physical defect for her but as she grew, it became obvious that she was utterly devoid of conscience.  The elders despaired of what to do with her, for she was a fine example of elvenkind in all other respects apart for an inability to judge the moral consequences of her actions.  Such matters were taken out of their hands when the dragon Dav, Master of House Sharankiss, recruited her for a group of hunters.

Conscience found herself one of the Eight, elves like her chosen for what they lacked, trained to be Dav’s personal weapons in his never-ending war on the Sen’Tek who had slain his mother.  There Conscience found she was accepted for who and what she was, one monster among many.  Provided with the best of equipment and the finest of trainers, even before their first hunt, the Eight were dangerous and deadly.  Their forays into the twisting tunnels of the Sen’Tek fighting man, beast and trap, forged a bond among the Eight that made them more than family.

Since Dav was slain and the Lady Akissa ascended to the head of House Sharankiss, the Eight have been at loose ends.  They are not sure how to treat the new commander and she is not sure what to do with them but she has been willing to let them serve in strikes against the Sen’tek for she fears what they would do if left to their own devices.

Presenting this Character
: Conscience is smart, talented, an ideal elf, except that she is a moral void.  She is charming and beautiful, a very good listener and very interested in other people’s conscience.  She genuinely seeks to understand morality but she simply cannot, such things have no place in her spirit.

Conscience fights without honor, seeking only to efficiently dispatch those she opposes (unless ordered to do otherwise).

What can she do?: Conscience is a stone cold killer, an expert warrior and well-versed in countering the tactics and traps of the Sen’Tek.  Her swordsmanship is superb and she is a passable shot with the bow, but she prefers close combat.  She has studied magic but does not care to practice it.

While she does not grasp morality, she has studied it extensively and has an academic philosopher’s knowledge of it.  Conscience has a fair amount of knowledge of dragons based on direct observation.

Who might know her and why
: Conscience visits with elves and philosophers whenever she can, seeking to understand -somehow- what she lacks.

Anyone who has fought the Sen’Tek may have fought beside the Eight, who are among the most successful of the Sen’Tek hunters.

Those who have worked for the Draconic House Sharankiss may have worked with, or at least met in passing, the Eight.

Plot Hooks: Conscience is always on the lookout for items of crystal, something about the beauty and structure of crystal calls out to her on a level she cannot explain.  Crystal weapons are a particular interest of hers.

If one is hunting the Sen’Tek, there are worse people to seek advice from than the Eight.

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