GenCon 2010 Report

12 August, 2010

My trip began well, riding in with the talented B of our playgroup who was off to run games at GenCon for ArcDream.  At the airport we split up to head for our respective flights, mine left two hours late but did safely make it to Indianapolis just later than planned. Took a shuttle into my hotel, which dropped me off last, finally got my room dropped my bags and headed over to the convention center to help with setting up AEG’s booth.  That went well and pretty much everything was in place when I got cut loose so I could take a shower before the demo team dinner (at Buca di Beppo) where we finalized plans and spent the rest of the evening learning new games to demo for the next day.

AEG booth before the madness

AEG booth before the madness

Thursday began well, demoing Infinite City and then moving on to the Legends of the Five Rings CCG.  Had some time on the floor during my break, got part of a demo from Jared Sorenson of his and Luke Crane’s new game Freemarket which is a weird post-scarcity/ post-death setting on a space wheel off Jupiter.  The only capital in the game is social capital so it is all about networking and building one’s image, I think.  Seems interesting but not sure what to do with it.  Grabbed the first of Paizo‘s Pathfinder buttons on my way to a complete set over the course of the convention, glanced lovingly at the Advanced Player’s Guide (my copy awaiting me at Tyche’s Games).  Then spent the night wandering, looking in on various games, watching some of the Shadowfist tournament, having dinner at Steak and Shake and eventually back to my room for much needed sleep.  Ran across Ed Healy of RPG Countdown briefly but did not have time to do more than exchange a few words, typical of meetings throughout the Con.

AEG Booth during demo time

AEG Booth during demonstrations

Friday, up early and off to help with setup and then to wander the floor doing some minor shopping.  Visited the ever talented Drew Baker and had him sign some of my cards, then caught up with his brother, Vincent Baker and bought his new Apocalypse World RPG which he signed and then he had me sign his copy (which I thought was very cool).  Caught up with Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Quarterly and thanked him in person for the original DiTerlizzi piece that I won some time ago.  Saw that things were going well for the Weregeek comic crowd (in their second GenCon appearance).  Saw tons of stuff, much of which is still processing, then back to demoing after dropping off my loot back at the hotel.  After demoing, I was assigned to help out in the AEG board game room where at about 9pm I was overcome with chills and a fever and retreated back to my room and a hot bath before settling into a night of fever dreams.

People at the L5R 15th Anniversary Party

People at the L5R 15th Anniversary Party

By noon on Saturday, when I was back demoing, I was mostly recovered if as weak as a kitten.  Demoing went well and things seemed a little slow for a GenCon Saturday and I was sent off to help get things ready for the Legends of the Five Rings 15th Anniversary Party which was full of friends from the game, great costumes, fun performances from each of the Clans (done American Idol-style with commentary from the judges) and great swag at the end.  Stayed late and then made my way back to the hotel room and some more needed rest.

Sunday was all busy, packing, moving out of the room, breakfast, and demos and more demos!  Tarcy Hurley aka Sarah Darkmagic kindly dropped by to say hello.  On my -all too brief- break, I got to talk with the fine fellows at Interaction Point Games about their Kingdom of Legend products for Pathfinder, which I intend to review soon.  As the con ended, helped to break down the AEG booth and got my swag for working.   A brief chat with Daniel Perez, the Gamer Traveler, on my way to the airport pretty much wrapped up the GenCon experience.

A great Con, wish I had not gotten sick and could have seen a bit more of it Fri/Sat but good all the same.  To those I met but forgot to mention, my apologies.

My photostream with photos from GenCon and the environs.

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  1. It was nice putting a face to the name and chatting for a couple minutes, in typical Gen Con fashion. Take care.

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