Tuesday Magic Item – Lightning Stroke Blade

27 July, 2010

Hazai of Hazolai, Dracona swordsman, danced and cut his way through the thugs.  His sword flashing and crackling with the harnessed power of lightning.   The kidnapper of young Haza tried to escape but Hazai become a bolt of lightning and appeared in front of the criminal with a peal of thunder.  With a series of quick cuts, the kidnapper fell dead and the siblings embraced.

Lightning Stroke Blade

These weapons are made for the most honored warriors of House Hazolai.  There are thought to be less than a dozen of these weapons, which are always bladed, most of which are swords but at least one is a war axe.  The blades are made of watered steel etched with naturalistic lightning in gold and the hilt (or handle) is made of carved rock crystal, cut so it catches the light.

The Lightning Stroke Blade is a +2 shocking burst weapon the wielder also gains Resistance to Electricity 5 + their Charisma modifier and is unaffected by wind and rain as if subject of Freedom of Movement.

The most impressive ability of the Lightning Stroke Blade is the ability of the wielder to -once a day- become a lightning bolt, arc to a point and reform, throwing out a shower of sparks and a thunderclap as they do so.  As a move action, the wielder chooses a point that she can see within 1,000′ became a streaking bolt of lighting hits the point and reforms.  All with 20′ of the arrival point take 1d10 + wielder’s level in electrical damage,  Reflex save (DC 15 + wielder Charisma modifier) for half damage and Fortitude save (same DC) or be dazzled and deafened for 1d4+1 rounds.  On the round of arrival, the Lightning Stroke Blade gains the Keen and Thundering qualities until the end of the round.

Aura strong conjuration (teleportation) and transmutation; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 77,700; Weight 3 lbs
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, chain lightning, dimension door, freedom of movement, resist energy; Cost 38,850 (+3,108 xp for D&D)

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