L5R JYTB Campaign Report 16

25 July, 2010

Hida Yo’s Interlude – A Day on the Wall

The Wall

The Wall

Having been freed from yojimbo duty to Otomo Takama and temporarily released from Imperial service by Doji Akira after their success in the field battle against the forces of the Dark (now called ‘the Victory of Makino’s Stand’).  Each of our heroes is sent back to their clan with orders to return to Imperial service next year on the first day of Summer in Otosan Utchi.

Hida Yo find his new found fame gets him a cup of sake and a posting on the wall in command of a small unit, three Hida -Akka, Go and Kai- fresh from their gempukku with an attached shugenja (Kuni Katsu) and scout (Hiruma Maki).  They have been assigned to the Fire Dog section of the wall commanded by Taisa Kiau Atsuko, the Iron Widow, who rose from the birthing bed and took command when her husband was killed to drive back an assault.  She has held command ever since.

Last month, an assault force of the Dark managed to collapse a section of the wall but were unable to exploit that success, partly due to the arrival of a group of Agasha and partly due to a squad of Hiruma sacrificing themselves to kill the Oni commander.  The wall is being repaired but is still in a vulnerable state.  Reinforcements, including our heroes, have been dispatched to stand guard beyond the wall in a lightly fortified area outer area while the rebuilding finishes.

On arrival, they are given the honor of standing guard during the night when most of the attacks happen.  Hida Yo and his unit are standing around the campfire exchanging stories when the piercing screech of a signal arrow split the night.  The bakemono that had been creeping up on the encampment rose en mass and charged as alarm horns and gongs rang out.  Many fell to the outer defenses but their number were so many that they flowed over them like a wave.

The bakemono were little threat individually but as a group . . . the Crab beat back the pack that swarmed around them with a few wounds but nothing serious.  The rise of Lady Sun the next morning showed hundreds of bakemono corpses littering the defenses.  Hida Yo’s unit is rotated back inside the wall.  They get purified, report and head off for some relaxation.

As night falls, they take their post back in the outer defenses, this time moved further down the line.  The young Hida are considerably more nervous this time out.  They are alerted by a scream of pain as three Hikkaku, skitterers, run toward them.  Hikkaku are the size of large dogs with a central furry body containing a vicious, fanged mouth and a multitude of insect like legs spouting out from all sides.  They spring and scrabble toward the squad but are quickly put down.  In the minute following, another wave of bakemono attacked, this time supported by a handful of oni. One of whom, that looked like six-legged wolf the size of a horse with shark teeth dripping black bile and its claws made of obsidian.  It howled and laughs maniacally as it fights, tearing through the Crabs until it barreled into the squad.  Weakened by numerous blows, a jade strike from the Kuni finished it, but not before it had seriously injured Kai and, unbeknownst to the characters, left a stain of the taint on the poor Crab.  A split second after the Kuni smote the wolf oni, a tetsubo smashed into him as one of the Crab was revealed as one of the Dark One’s walking dead.  It then charged Hida Yo sensing the presence of Hida there (as Hida Yo has the Hida Ancestor advantage).  The two clash and it is the walking dead who is brought down by weapons and jade.

With a little mopping up, the last of the bakemono are dispatched or chased off and the defenses are again secured.

Notes: As several of the characters were in the 5+ Glory range, it was time for them to spend some time at home and I wanted to move the time line forward.  So for the next three games, each of the main characters in turn: Hida Yo, Toku Kobo and  Soshi Utami get to be in the spotlight with everyone else playing supporting NPCs.  For this game Toku Kobo’s player took the role of the Kuni, we have three new players to L5R who played the Hida trio and, as Soshi Utami’s player had to drop out for this game, the Hiruma was a NPC.

Still getting used to 4th edition L5R rules, Crab are impressively hard to kill even at rank one and the Hida Ancestor is quite amazing, worth every one of the 14 point cost if you have a all or mostly Crab game.

Photo by Steve Webel.

Onward to the next interlude (Report 17).

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  1. How are you liking 4th Edition? I really enjoy it thus far but I am still getting use to L5R in general.

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