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Contests of Monsters and for Pathfinder

25 July, 2010

Troll in the Corner is showing its love of Pathfinder by offering a set of Pathfinder books to those willing to enter its Pathfinder International Give Away.  Take a chance, the prizes are wonderful!  You have until August 4th, do not be late!


Kobold Quarterly offer you a chance to become King of the Monsters!  Submit your best Pathfinder/D&D monster and see if it can claw its way to the top!  You have until the 13th of August, Noon PDT.  Get writing!


L5R JYTB Campaign Report 16

25 July, 2010

Hida Yo’s Interlude – A Day on the Wall

The Wall

The Wall

Having been freed from yojimbo duty to Otomo Takama and temporarily released from Imperial service by Doji Akira after their success in the field battle against the forces of the Dark (now called ‘the Victory of Makino’s Stand’).  Each of our heroes is sent back to their clan with orders to return to Imperial service next year on the first day of Summer in Otosan Utchi.

Hida Yo find his new found fame gets him a cup of sake and a posting on the wall in command of a small unit, three Hida -Akka, Go and Kai- fresh from their gempukku with an attached shugenja (Kuni Katsu) and scout (Hiruma Maki).  They have been assigned to the Fire Dog section of the wall commanded by Taisa Kiau Atsuko, the Iron Widow, who rose from the birthing bed and took command when her husband was killed to drive back an assault.  She has held command ever since.

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