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New Magic Item – Rod of Satrapal Authority

19 July, 2010

And so did Olix, Satrap of Errontis and scion of the Dragon Novix, smite the rebels with his rod, laying waste to them with the breath of his master which froze and killed those foolish subject who rebelled.  As the final blow to the revolt, Olix shattered the ice rimed form of the rebellion’s leader with his rod and pronounced the rebellion over.

Rod of Satrapal Authority

These rods are created for the Draconic Houses as symbols of Imperial, Satrapal and Draconic authority.  They are usually decorated with the symbol of the House and, often, with the that of the territory they are assigned to rule.  The materials made to craft the rod are taken from the land it symbolizes rule over, an example would be the Rod of Satrapal Authority over the Sternwald made of purple veined black cirras wood and wrapped with copper and carved amber.

Scepter of Tsar Boris III

A symbol of authority

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